Contract Manufacturing


Robotic Welding

Lowering your production costs

At HitchDoc, we embrace technology and it’s no different with our robotic welding capabilities. We’ve saved our customers a multitide of money over the years by modifying their designs around our latest technology to lower production costs. Robots provide very consistent welds and help gain efficiencies on medium to high volumes. With multiple 2-ton overhead cranes and 7.5 ton rail cranes, no part is too large or small for HitchDoc!

Robotic Welding will lay the same bead within a part and project after project. Our team designs and builds all of our own robotic weld fixtures, also saving our customers valuable time and money. Jobs always have tight timelines and we’re able to reduce time by handling the weld project from start to finish. With multiple machines and extremely accurate programmable features, HitchDoc Robotic Welding accommodates to your schedule and budgets!

Manual Welding

Taking pride in every bead

Our welding bay is very flexible. We’re able to MIG or TIG weld mild steel, stainless, or aluminum in a wide range of thicknesses. We have upwards of 20 welding stations that can be positioned to the most effective process depending on the jobs going through the shop. All building columns have jib cranes to help various stations along the length of the bay. We also have 2 overhead cranes for any extremely large and heavy projects spanning the full length of our welding, cleaning and shipping area.

We continually reinvest in our employees and the tools they need to do their best job. Many of our welders are certified. We also have the ability to train and certify new weld hires in-house. Another step in the process that isn’t required by most companies, but we take pride in our employees’ work and what we sell to our customers.

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