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Below is HitchDoc’s collection of promotional and instructional videos showcasing the diversity of the family-owned company. From contract manufacturing to powersports, this library should include the answers to your questions or curiosities. If there’s something you’d like to see a video of whether product or training focus, those can be requested to Marketing@HitchDoc.com.

Custom Fabrication

HitchDoc Contract Mfg Walkthrough - 2 minute version

HitchDoc Contract Mfg Walkthrough




Flat Lasers

Tube Processing


Dual Dozer

Dual Dozer Overview

Dealer Set-Up & Dual Dozer Intro

Benchmark & Lithko Testimonial

Dual Dozer by Hitchdoc

Fuel Transportation

HitchDoc Fuel Trailers

HitchDoc Fuel Trailer Features

Push-Off Bucket

Push-Off Bucket

Push-Off Bucket

Sandpiper Spreader

Sandpiper Spreader

Sandpiper Spreader


HDS7100 In Action

HDS8210 Tractor-Mounted Snowblower

HDS9200 Features & Benefits

Wheel Loader SnowBlower - On A Volvo

Wheel Loader SnowBlower - Wyoming CAT

Wheel Loader SnowBlower - Night-time Loading Truck

Wheel Loader SnowBlower - Day-time Loading Truck

Wheel Loader SnowBlower - Side Discharge

Wheel Loader SnowBlower - Hard Pack Snow

Heavy Duty 2-stage SnowBlower

Skid Steer SnowBlower

Blizzard 2012 Dec

Blizzard 2012 Dec

SnowBlower Gravel Test

HitchDoc SnowBlowers

Travis Seed Cart

How to Pair Your Remote

Meet The HSC240

Competitive Advantages

Digi-Star Scale Troubleshooting

GT400 Setup and Calibration

Digi-Star's ST 3400 - Seed Tracker Basic Setup