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The Tube Cutting Technology that is used at HitchDoc is noteworthy and pretty rare for fabrication shops across North America. A need developed in the industry to eliminate a variety of secondary processes when cutting square or round tube materials. In 2006, HitchDoc filled that need by allowing designers and engineers to get more creative and rethink the way they design by offering tube laser cutting.

We utilize both standard laser cutting technology as well cutting-edge fiber optics. Our fiber cutting machines complete jobs quicker while being more reliable and maintaining superb levels of quality. If you want to be in the tube laser business, you need a variety of machines to best match the size, thickness, and complexity of the designer’s part. Bevel cutting? We can do that! The kind of materials we can cut is not limited to straight tubing, we can cut channel, bar, beam and other structural materials round, square or any custom shape.

At HitchDoc, we have machines that efficiently cut most shapes of tube or structural material ranging from .50” to 8” in diameter up to .75” in wall thickness. Our high capacity machines are also self-reliant and can run unmanned; though, we choose to have them supervised for increased quality control.

Between our material buying leverage and innovative machine technology, we are confident that our HitchDoc team can process tubes for less than you can. Challenge us.

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