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Built with Quality

We like the Travis Seed Carts because they're built with quality and have a low-profile design. They're easy to use and easy to load.

Mike B., Dealer, Worthington, MN

Precisely What I Was Looking For

I bought my Travis Seed Cart in 2020 and it’s precisely what I was looking for. It’s easy to load and use. It pulls really nice behind the pickup, is easy to maneuver, and the design is well-thought out.

Kenton H., Producer, Bridgewater, SD

Farmer Built

I like the Travis Seed Carts. I use them myself and have sold them for years. They’re reliable, built heavy, and simple to use but still have the features everyone wants. They last a long time because they’re farmer built. I like the product and like selling it.

Ryan W., Dealer/Producer, Lamberton, MN

Well-built, Reliable, Easy-to-use

I like the Travis Seed Cart because it’s well-built, reliable, and easy to use. My customers like it because it’s user friendly and doesn’t cause a lot of problems.

Jeremy S., Dealer, Pipestone, MN

A Great Name

I like the quality and it fits the price point. Not to mention, it has a great name!

Travis R., Dealer, Hartland, MN