Contract Manufacturing


Tired of inventory mishaps, lost parts, or scraped parts causing production delays? Take advantage of HitchDoc’s Stocking Program and avoid those altogether. With our 190,000 square foot facility, we can store a multiple of parts and products indoors to maintain quality and immediate availability.

We are capable of capitalizing any stocking program you prefer whether Kanban or JIT, we can ship to you or direct to any end-user. Share with us your estimated annual usage and we will pre-stock multiple releases to diminish lead time to nearly zero. This allows for better material forecasting in order to reduce input costs by contract/bulk buying inputs. We buy smart to help you protect your end product pricing in a fluctuating market.

If you order today under a stocking program, we can get your parts shipped the next day, regardless of shape, size, weight or quantity. We will fine tune our production schedule in order to have agile order fulfillment and shipping.

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