Contract Manufacturing


Whether a project is starting from scratch with new drawings or just refining existing ones, HitchDoc Engineering and Prototyping Department will exceed expectations. HitchDoc’s engineering team is made up by a variety of multi-disciplined engineers and drafters that will develop a long-term relationship with you on any future projects. With an in-house team, engineers are able to work with all steps of production to keep projects on required specifications making HitchDoc one-stop-shop for Contract Manufacturing!

By using advanced computer programs and progressive production processes, HitchDoc can add modern specs to older drawings in order to save time and money on simple or complex parts. Having the ability to simulate stress, test material strength and analyze overall project performance through HitchDoc’s computer programs allows for more potential cost and time savings in the long run. After the project is completed, real-time product testing can take place as well for any potential improvements or failure prevention.

Prototyping is a large part of the production process. Physical fit-ups, testing, and re-evaluations are something HitchDoc engineers are familiar with on design projects. We want to be sure products with our name on them are amongst the best in the industry. Once a prototype is complete, a further cost analysis is completed to ensure the maximum potential savings in the production process.

HitchDoc offers a full range of engineering services and is not limited to a product type, style or industry. Each client and project is unique but receives the same high attention to detail throughout the entire engineering and production process.

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