Contract Manufacturing

Part Finishing

Nothing but the best leaves the HitchDoc shop

Whether a part is created in the HitchDoc Flame/Plasma or Welding departments, it gets hand inspected by the Finishing department. This detail-orientated process insures customer satisfaction by completing a product specific inspection covering cosmetic features and structural soundness. Every part this thoroughly inspected before leaving the building.

The cosmetic portion of the inspection reviews every line, cut, bevel and weld for dross or weld spatter. This is done to exceed customer’s expectations on part appearance and make sure every part is ready for next steps no matter how it’s being used.

The HitchDoc Finishing Department also offers sandblasting for any size part for paint or weld preparation and Line Grain Finishing for general parts clean up or product aesthetics.

We aim for the highest quality finishings on all our contract manufacturing parts!

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