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Travis Seed Cart Pre-Season Maintenance

Travis Seed Cart Pre-Season Maintenance

Get Ready to Plant

Your Travis Seed Cart will last a long time with proper maintenance. As you get ready to plant, take some time to check over your equipment. Doing so before you start can save you valuable time. Here are a few things to check before the busy planting season gets underway.

Visual Inspection

Walk around the seed cart and visually inspect it. Make note of any fluid leaks, excessive wear, or corrosion and address these items first. Check the hydraulic oil level. Look at the condition of the auger, downspout, flex tube, and tube. Any sections that are worn or damaged should be replaced. Verify all guards and shields are in place. Check the battery and cables for corrosion.

Dry Run

After visually inspecting the seed cart, try starting the engine. If the engine doesn't start, disconnect the battery and check that it is fully charged. If not, keep the battery disconnected from the machine and charge it. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly or grease to the terminals before reconnecting.

Start the engine and test the remote. If the remote does not work, you may need to replace the CR2032 battery and then pair the remote to your Travis Seed Cart. Read this article for details on pairing your remote.

With the machine running, turn the auger and lift switches on to verify that they are working. If your unit is equipped with a talc applicator, turn the applicator on while the seed cart is running. Turn the machine off.

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