Wheel Loader SnowBlowers

Introducing the HDS9200, one of North America’s first 100% hydraulic snowblowers for wheel loaders! All functions are seamlessly controlled by the hydraulics of the machine. No external diesel engine, no gearboxes, no shear pins. This blower was designed to keep you running with minimal maintenance and upkeep expense. Smoothly run all functions from an ergonomic pendent inside the cab.

With the in-cab digital display, operators are able to monitor machine flow capacity and rate of travel. Abrupt stops will trigger an oil bypass, protecting the blower and eliminating the need for shear pins. The small control module allows for easy setup and use.

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Models & Specs

Model Cut Width Cut Height Overall Width Overall Height Weight Auger Chute discharge height Drive Requirements
HDS7100 84.5" 36.5" 90.5" 73.7" 1,480 lbs. Single, 20" 68" 25-40 GPM at 2,800-4,000 psi
HDS7101 96.7" 36.5" 96.7" 73.7" 1,557 lbs. Single, 20" 68" 25-40 GPM at 2,800-4,000 psi
HDS 9200 108” 45” 114” 127” 5,200 lbs. Dual, 16” 105-150” 40-50 GPM at 3,700+ psi

Standard Features

  • 45 Hydraulic rotating fan housing for right or left side discharging
  • 7 gauge steel fan housing
  • ¼” steel blower shell
  • ½” end plates
  • Hydraulic spout deflector
  • 270 Hydraulic rotary spout
  • High strength corner bracing
  • Tiger Teeth laced augers
  • Heavy-duty polyurethane idler wheels
  • Adjustable hardened steel skid shoes
  • Bolt-on removable and replaceable grader blade cutting edge
  • Quick-Tach mounts for various wheel loader configurations
  • Enclosed 80# heavy-duty auger chain and spring tensioned idler sprocket
  • Powder coat yellow finish