Travis Seed Carts

Seed Pod

130 seed unit model

Easily use you box cart as a bulk!

Do you own a Travis Seed Cart and need to convert to a bulk seed delivery system? No problem. Have another brand of seed cart that accepts Center Flow Seed Boxes? Then you’re a candidate for the Travis Seed Pod.

Our patented Seed Pod easily transforms your seed tender from seed box/center flow to a standard bulk unit. With forklift pockets for easy placement and locks into place for safe transport just like a seed box but is able to accept bulk seed just like a bulk tender. An industry-best 40-degree slope allows for absolute cleanout of hoppers — no cross contamination concerns!

The Travis Seed Pod is divided into two equal compartments, 52 bushels (65 seed units) per side or 104 bushels (130 seed units) total. The Seed Pod’s most utilized option is addition of a Shur-Co tarp to protect your seed investment and monitor levels from the sight window. Then use the manual shut-off gates to smoothly and effortlessly control seed flow.

Along with all other HitchDoc products, the patented Seed Pod is manufactured in the Midwest with American steel and inspected against the highest standard for quality in the industry!

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Standard Features

  • Weight (without tarp): 740 lbs.
  • Tarp Weight: 60 lbs.
  • Height: 56”
  • Width: 58”
  • Length: 100”
  • Finish: Powder-coat gray
  • Fit: Takes place of 2 seed boxes