Travis Seed Carts

Bulk Carts

275/375 Seed Unit Travis Seed Carts

Options to Best Fit Your Needs!

Transport seed from the shed to the field efficiently in a Travis Seed Bulk Cart. With base models that can hold 275 or 375 seed units, these carts offer dual season use for in the spring for seed transportation and in the fall for precision weigh carts. Chose between poly-cupped auger or cleated conveyor, Travis Seed Bulk Carts are capable of moving all grains, whether it’s corn, soybeans, oats, barely, wheat, cotton or other small seeds.

Pick between gooseneck or bumper tow package and a scale, scale “ready”, or non-scale for a unit that best fits your operation’s needs. When weighing, our separate style frames make for the most accurate scale systems in the industry. The remote wireless allows the operator to function all hydraulics at their fingertips from a large radius around the cart allowing for maximum flexibility.

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Models & Specs

HSC 275 Series HSC 375 Series
Overall Specs
Capacity 275 seed units/ 220 bu. 375 seed units/300 bu.
Overall Height 101" 101"
Overall Width
Motor 13 HP 13 HP
Axles 10,000# Rubber Dual Torsion 10,000# Rubber Dual Torsion
Color Options Black, Green or Red Black, Green or Red
Scale Options Ready or Included Ready or Included
Auger Specs 8” tube & 7” poly-cupped auger 8” tube & 7” poly-cupped auger
Auger Style
Unload Rate
Tow Options Bumper Pull or Gooseneck Gooseneck
Transport Height 122" 122"
Conveyor Style
Unload Rate 1,850 lbs./min 1,850 lbs./min
Tow Options Bumper Pull or Gooseneck Gooseneck
Transport Height 139" 139"

Standard Features

General Specifications:

  • Electric Start Gas Honda™ Motor
  • Absolute clean out slope of 40
  • Shur-Co Roll Tarp
  • Sight Windows
  • Catwalk
  • Ladder
  • DOT compliant and road-ready trailers
  • Hydraulic flow shut off gates

Auger Cart Specifications:

  • 15’ 7” hydraulic folding auger
  • 19’ telescoping downspout with 3 stages
  • Patented auger reverser virtually eliminates seed loss
  • Remote functions: Auger On/Off, Auger Fold/Unfold, Slide Gate 1 Open/Close, Slide Gate 2 Open/Close

Conveyor Cart Specifications:

  • 20’ long cleated conveyor
  • 180 conveyor side rotation
  • Hydraulic height adjustment
  • Remote functions: Conveyor On/Off, Conveyor Rotation Right/Left, Conveyor Up/Down, Slide Gate 1 Open/Close, Slide Gate 2 Open/Close
  • 7’ Telescoping downspout with an optional 19’


  • Dry Talc Kit
  • Liquid Inoculator
  • Dealer Scale Install
  • Right hand and/or left hand grain sample doors