Contract Manufacturing

Flat Laser Cutting

HitchDoc’s Flat Laser Sheet Cutting is among the fastest in the industry with a movement up to 12,000 inches per minute from pierce to pierce. With multiple self-reliant machines that are able to robotically load and unload, efficiency is pivotal for customer satisfaction. Although speed and cut time are integral for customer cost, we make sure we provide smooth, quality cuts on stainless steel, plated materials, aluminum and other various sheet metals.

Our machines capabilities are unmatched. They can handle 90” x 160” x 1” thick while capitalizing on Scrap Reduction Technology. This technology decreases input costs and scrap yields while increases output potential dramatically.

This HitchDoc contract line has well-known, unrivaled cut quality. Smooth finishes, no gouges and absolutely no dross. Our employees are proud of their work because our name goes on your product.

Contract Manufacturing

Flat Lasers

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