Contract Manufacturing

Flat Laser Cutting

Our Flat Laser Cutting is among the fastest in the industry, with positioning speeds reaching 12,000 IPM. All machines are automated for self-loading and unloading material, reducing the needs for forklifts and labor. With continual investment in our machines, we've added a storage retrieval system capable of storing 600,000 LBS and able to feed multiple lasers. Investments like this enable us to drive down labor and handling costs while increasing efficiencies—savings we pass on to our customers!

Whether it is mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminum we’re able to cut 24 ga to 1”, and capable of sheet sizes of 84” x 160”.

At HitchDoc, we guarantee our unrivaled cut quality; smooth edges, no gouges, and absolutely no dross.

Contract Manufacturing

Flat Lasers

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