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Flame/Plasma Cutting

If your project requests a cut thicker than what a standard flat laser cutter can handle, that’s no worry for the HitchDoc Flame & Plasma Cutting Department. With the ability to cut up to 8 inches thick, no project is too thick or too large. Our tables can handle sheets up to 10x45 feet.

With our first computer controlled (CNC) machine being purchased in the early 1990s, all have the best technology available for cutting heavy plate steel. Our variable machines have 4 cutting heads for increased speeds and decreased customer costs. We are capable of plasma cutting materials 1-2 inches thick and flame cutting materials 2-8 inches thick.

With the HitchDoc Quality Policy ensuring customer satisfaction, every project cut on the flame or plasma cutters goes through the Part Finishing Department for inspection and clean up. That team removes any dross or debris from the part and will inspect the cuts for accuracy. This is something HitchDoc has always done and will continue to do!

Contract Manufacturing


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