Contract Manufacturing


Assembly is a value-added feature in the HitchDoc Contract Manufacturing process. No matter the size, weight or specialization of your project, our process orientated assembly line can finish it. With our overhead cranes, continuous lines and ample floor space, sky is the limit!

We are able to package for direct shipments or custom kits that match your needs and then inspected them against our quality standards. Our assembly team offers product testing and verification for the highest levels of end-user satisfaction. The line is designed to be flexible to a specific project or customer's requirements. We’re able to handle large or small assemblies as well as high to low quantities. Serial control, we can handle that too!

Consider us to handle your next assembly project and ship it direct to you or your end user. We will ensure that all parts fit properly and work together accordingly all while meeting our high quality expectations and decreasing the risk of mid-process handling.

Whether electrical, hydraulic, or pneumatic, no custom request it too challenging for HitchDoc.

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