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Jackson, MN 56143



Need a part fabricated for your product?
You're in the right place, HitchDoc!

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HitchDoc is a manufacturer job/shop of consumer and industrial products located in Southwest Minnesota. HitchDoc was organized in the early 1980s to build trailer hitches to attach small trailers to motorcycles. Through the years the shop has grown to enable HitchDoc to make small parts to large parts for many other manufacturing companies in the region.

Brad and Chad Mohns have gained a reputation of being prototype trouble shooters extraordinaire. They engineer new hitches for new model motorcycles every year. They have worked out the production bugs for office chair support structures, fertilizer delivery systems, construction equipment and many other complex products. Using talented welders, master machinists working on CNC machines, with flame, plasma and laser cutting machines, HitchDoc can produce almost any kind of metal part working in steel or aluminum. Want to pull a trailer with your motorcycle? You're in the right place, HitchDoc!

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1-800-446-8222 | 507-847-4049
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HitchDoc | 131 County Rd 34 E | Jackson, MN 56143
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